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The New Smart Condom That Gauges Performance In Bed And Can Tell If You Have An STI


If you thought that flavoured condoms, thin condoms and performax intense condoms are the latest condoms that can help in pleasure and fun, then you are for a surprise. Condoms are not just about preventing unwanted pregnancy and protection against HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases but more. Known as a “smart condom”, this latest type of condom, known as i.Con, can help you know about the can help you know about the calories burned during sex. Stunned? Available on British Condoms exclusively here’s more you need to know about this world’s first smart condom ring. Here’s more on latest condoms for extra pleasure during sex.So what is i.Con?

If you thought that i.Con is a real condom, you are wrong. It is a ring that will sit over a condom at the base. Hence, you need to wear a condom and this ring to know about your performance in bed. The best part about it is unlike a regular condom, you can use it over and over again, meaning it is reusable. Also read about how many calories do you burn during sex, masturbation, kissing +other sexual activities.As mentioned, it can not only help you know calories burned but also about the number of thrusts, the speed of the thrusts, duration of the session and frequency of sex. Additionally, it can also help you know how many different positions you tried in a week, month or year. It is a one size fit all ring. Depending upon the girth of the penis you can adjust it with the help of a band adjustment feature. Hence, it will allow you to flex the ring to the right size without hindering your comfort. It is extremely comfortable, lightweight and water resistant ensuring maximum pleasure without affecting your sexual experience.Photo Credit: Getty

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