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Nigeria in same group with Argentina, Croatia, Iceland (FULL LIST)


Fixtures for the 2018 World Cup finals to be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15 (time GMT).

Group A

June 14

Russia v Saudi Arabia, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow (1500)

June 15

Egypt v Uruguay, Ekaterinburg (1200)

June 19

Russia v Egypt, St Petersburg (1800)

June 20

Uruguay v Saudi Arabia, Rostov,on,Don (1500)

June 25

Uruguay v Russia, Samara (1400)

Saudi Arabia v Egypt, Volgograd (1400)

Group B

June 15

Morocco v Iran, St Petersburg (1500)

Portugal v Spain, Sochi (1800)

June 20

Portugal v Morocco, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow (1200)

Iran v Spain, Kazan (1800)

June 25

Iran v Portugal, Saransk (1800)

Spain v Morocco, Kaliningrad (1800)

Group C

June 16

France v Australia, Kazan (1000)

Peru v Denmark, Saransk (1600)

June 21

France v Peru, Ekaterinburg (1200)

Denmark v Australia, Samara (1500)

June 26

Denmark v France, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow (1400)

Australia v Peru, Sochi (1400)

Group D

June 16

Argentina v Iceland, Spartak Stadium, Moscow (1300)

Croatia v Nigeria, Kaliningrad (1900)

June 21

Argentina v Croatia, Nizhny Novgorod (1800)

June 22

Nigeria v Iceland, Volgograd (1500)

June 26

Nigeria v Argentina, St Petersburg (1800)

Iceland v Croatia, Rostov,on,Don (1800)

Group E

June 17

Costa Rica v Serbia, Samara (1200)

Brazil v Switzerland, Rostov,on,Don (1800)

June 22

Brazil v Costa Rica, St Petersburg (1200)

Serbia v Switzerland, Kaliningrad (1800)

June 27

Serbia v Brazil, Spartak Stadium, Moscow (1800)

Switzerland v Costa Rica, Nizhny Novgorod (1800)

Group F

June 17

Germany v Mexico, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow (1500)

June 18

Sweden v South Korea, Nizhny Novgorod (1200)

June 23

Germany v Sweden, Sochi (1500)

South Korea v Mexico, Rostov,on,Don (1800)

June 27

South Korea v Germany, Kazan (1400)

Mexico v Sweden, Ekaterinburg (1400)

Group G

June 18

Belgium v Panama, Sochi (1500)

Tunisia v England, Volgograd (1800)

June 23

Belgium v Tunisia, Spartak Stadium, Moscow (1200)

June 24

England v Panama, Nizhny Novgorod (1200)

June 28

England v Belgium, Kaliningrad (1800)

Panama v Tunisia, Saransk (1800)

Group H

June 19

Poland v Senegal, Spartak Stadium, Moscow (1200)

Colombia v Japan, Saransk (1500)

June 24

Japan v Senegal, Ekaterinburg (1500)

Poland v Colombia, Kazan (1800)

June 28

Japan v Poland, Volgograd (1400)

Senegal v Colombia, Samara (1400)

Round of 16

June 30


Winner Group C v Runner,up Group D, Kazan (1400)


Winner Group A v Runner,up Group B, Sochi (1800)

July 1


Winner Group B v Runner,up Group A, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow (1400)


Winner Group D v Runner,up Group C, Nizhny Novgorod (1800)

July 2


Winner Group E v Runner,up Group F, Samara (1400)


Winner Group G v Runner,up Group H, Rostov,on,Don (1800)

July 3


Winner Group F v Runner,up Group E, St Petersburg (1400)


Winner Group H v Runner,up Group G, Spartak Stadium, Moscow (1800)


July 6


Winner M49 v Winner M50, Nizhny Novgorod (1400)


Winner M53 v Winner M54, Kazan (1800)

July 7


Winner M55 v Winner M56, Samara (1400)

M 59

Winner M51 v Winner M52, Sochi (1800)


July 10


Winner M57 v Winner M58, St Petersburg (1800)

July 11


Winner M59 v Winner M60, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow (1800)

Third place playoff

July 14


Loser M61 v Loser M62, St Petersburg (1400)


15 July 2018

M64, Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow (1500) (Compiled by Toby Davis)


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