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Porsche Introduces Smart Glasses for Quicker Auto Repairs


Technicians at Porsche dealerships will soon be using “high-tech spectacles” to receive instructions, and to send real-time wrenching footage to the company’s headquarters. Here’s how the “Tech Live Look” system works.

Porsche dropped a press release yesterday introducing a new Augmented Reality technology aimed at helping mechanics diagnose and repair cars. The system requires technicians to wear projection screen-equipped glasses with a built-in flashlight and an auto focus camera that “shows even fine details such as threading on screws.”

Porsche is setting a record in the auto industry as it’s set to use lightweight smart glasses for vehicle repairs. This technology is based on Augmented Reality, and it focuses on speeding up vehicle repairs. The company is kick-starting this new trend in its vehicle service departments.

The lightweight smart glasses are built using the Tech Live Look software. They feature an auto-focusing camera with high-resolution, enabling the camera to pick out the threading on a screw and other fine details during an auto repair process.

Furthermore, the powerful LED light incorporated into this new auto repair tool makes it easy to see dark engine compartments and other dark areas during auto repair. Also, the glasses can relay the engine compartment to another technician or individual in a remote location, enabling superior technical experts or the vehicle owners to monitor the repair process even if they are not at the workshop where the repair is taking place.

This new technology will help to reduce how long the company spends on auto repairs. The glasses can also be used to take a screenshot of the engine compartment.

According to Klaus Zellmer, the CEO of Porsche Cars for North America, “Tech Live Look allows us to be more efficient and helps get vehicles back in the hands of our customers faster, all while still delivering exceptional service quality,”

Porsche plans to roll out this service at its vehicle service departments in the United States and Canada from next year.

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