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No artiste has my songwriting prowess or voice dexterity – Singer, Brymo


According to Nigerian singer, Olawale Ashimi,  popularly known by his stage name Brymo, he is the best thing to happen to the music industry because of his music prowess and vocal dexterity.

He went ahead to talk about the quality of Nigerian music nowadays which he identified as lacking content.

The ‘Ara’ crooner said:

“To me, bulk of the things I say online is to pretty much draw people’s attention to what is important, you know. A time would come when a Nigerian artiste plays the guitar as good as Carlos Santana and who writes as well as Brymo and who sings as well as Ada probably a reincarnation of all of us.

Very little attention is paid to content so every opportunity I get to make people say what is that, I use it

“Currently as it stands, in the history of Nigeria, there has not been one artist with my songwriting prowess or vocal dexterity or even stage presence

“There have been many great people, great artistes like Fela, who is my mentor but as today stands there are many people who are not listening to Fela. What are they listening to right now? So there need to be somebody to make them listen to what will make their life better”

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