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Sailor Travels Around The Planet In 43 Days Breaking World Record For Solo Journey


A 34-year-old French sailor has done the unprecedented after breaking the world record for completing a solo journey around the world. 

Francois Gabart, happened to circumnavigate the planet in 42 days and 16 hours, with a start and finish on the west coast of France.

Gabart was six days faster than the previous record holder, set by fellow Frenchman Thomas Coville last year.

He departed on November 4 and covered the 27,860-mile journey in 42 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes and 35 seconds.

Gabart had until December 23 to get back in time to break the record, but he completed in the route in the early hours of Sunday after traveling at an average speed of 27.2 knots.

At 2.45am, this sailor passed the virtual finish line near Ouessant island off France’s western coast on his trimaran called Macif.

Dozens of vessels swarmed around the boat, accompanying Mr Gabart as he waved torches.

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