9 Damaging Effects Sitting All Day Has On Our Body

We all know that sitting too much is not good for us that’s why most of us usually feel a little guilty after a long TV binge. Sitting for an hour or two won’t do us any harm but when we park ourselves in a chair or a couch for more than six hours per day, many horrible things happens to our body.

Don’t be surprised to learn that sitting is simply killing you.

When we sit for too long, our body gets confined to a particular position for too long which can lead to serious health problems.

Below are some disturbing facts about prolonged sitting.

Too Much Sitting Can Shave Off Years Of Your Quality Life.
Your lifespan gets shorter, the more you sit longer. Reducing the average time you spend sitting down to less than three hours a day could increase your life expectancy by two years.
According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, each hour spent watching television after the age of 25 reduces your life expectancy by nearly 22 minutes.
It was discovered that adults who spend an average of six hours in front of the TV will reduce their life expectancy by just under 5 years, compared to someone who does not watch TV.

Excessive Sitting Can Damage The Brain
When your body is sedentary for too long, it slows down your brain functions. Adequate fresh blood and oxygen which are needed to trigger the release of brain- and mood-enhancing chemicals will not be supplied to your brain.

Too Much Sitting Causes Posture Problems
Excessive sitting can result to strained Neck and Shoulders. Because you usually hold your neck and head forward while working at a computer or cradling a phone to your ear, you can strain your cervical vertebrae along with permanent imbalances which can lead to neck strain, sore shoulders and back.

Excessive Sitting Can Give you Back Problems
When you sit, more pressure is mounted on your spine than when you stand and the toll on your back health is even more compounded if you’re sitting hunched in front of a computer. The disks located in your back are designed to expand and contract as you move, allowing them to absorb blood and nutrients. The disks are compressed when you sit and can lose flexibility over time. Sitting excessively can also increase your risk of herniated disks.

Sitting Too Much Can Cause Muscle Degeneration
You can have weak abdominals because while standing, your abdominal muscles get tensed which go unused when you sit ultimately leading to weak abdominals. You can have hips problem as well because your hips also suffer from prolonged sitting which makes it become tight and limited in range of motion because they are rarely extended.

Sitting also does nothing positive to your glutes, thereby making them become weakened leading to instability and the power of your stride when walking and jumping.

Sitting Too Long Can Increase Your Risk of Cancer
If you haven’t heard of it, let me acquaint you now that sitting increases your risk of getting cancer in a very big way. The American Institute for Cancer Research highlighted at its annual conference that specific research findings showed that 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 cases of colon cancer in the U.S. could be linked to inactivity and excessive sitting.

According to Dr. Christine Friedenreich, the leading epidemiologist at Alberta Health Services-Cancer, physical activity may actually reduce inflammation linked to increased cancer risk.

Prolonged Sitting Can Cause Weight Gain And Obesity
A person who spends a significant amount of hours in a seated position throughout the day may experience unexplained weight gain. The metabolism naturally slows down because the body slows down while in a resting and seated position. When most of the muscles are not in use, calories are burned at a far lower rate.

That Chair You’re Sitting On May Give You Diabetes and Heart Disease.  According to experts, sitting increases your risk of heart disease by up to 64 percent.
If you don’t give yourself at least a minute break per hour, you could be in for some trouble with Cancer, as if that’s not bad enough, diabetes is another risk factor that sitting around for hours at a time can pose.
A leading cardiologists’ group reveals that regular exercise does not make excessive sitting less dangerous to your heart.

Excessive Sitting Can Give Leg Disorders
Excessive sitting can cause swelling in your ankles, varicose veins, and blood clots known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) due to poor circulation in your legs. It also weakens the bones. Walking, running, and engaging in other weight-bearing activities is a very good idea as it lead to stronger, denser bones. Lack of activity may cause weak bones and even osteoporosis.

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