Wearing second hand clothes can be hazardous to our health.

If you’ve ever touched or smelled the clothing of someone who has passed away, you might have noticed it is possible to feel one’s energy even if that person is no longer wearing the clothing.

You can actually save money by wearing clothing that has been worn by someone else but it is very dangerous because when you wear second-hand clothes, you can contact energy and diseases of the previous owners.

Clothing like every other thing can take on the energy and diseases of those who have possessed it in the past. But you may also decide that you don’t want to take on the energy of another person, particularly if that energy is negative.

A number of human diseases, especially the sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through body fluids (blood, sweat, urine, semen, vaginal discharge and so on) and the organisms causing these diseases have been isolated in clothes of people with these diseases.

These clothes can be infested with mites and lice, they can also contain some kind of chemical and even bacteria.

We wear used clothing for many reasons but we never had an inkling those second-hand clothes contain the psychic energy of their former owners. Many spiritual healers have averred this fact.

Our body always emit energy and our energy is infused in our clothing and the many objects around us.

Besides, infections such as vaginal and skin candidiasis, scabies, ring worm, body lice, chicken pox, gonorrhea, syphilis and hepatitis (types A, B, C, D and G) can be transmitted through clothes previously worn by infected persons. The risk is even higher if the clothes are not properly washed, disinfected and ironed before use. Underwears are more culpable, because most people do not iron them before use.

Washing these clothes with regular detergents may not suffice to get rid of some of these bacteria and the eggs of some parasitic organisms which are naturally conditioned to withstand harsh conditions for survival; for these reason, strong reagents are sometimes needed to get rid of them and you will need to iron them after to be double sure.

Giving your clothes away will not make your energy’s residue depart from that article of clothing.

It is best to avoid buying second hand clothes and under no circumstances should you purchase underwear from any informal outlet.


The bottom line is: Try as much as possible to avoid second hand clothes!

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